Artist’s Eye Installations was founded by local Maryland artist, Wesley Clark, in 2006. Clark received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Syracuse University, and his Master of Fine Arts from George Washington University. Between receiving his degrees, he taught art in the District of Columbia before leaving to focus on his artistic practice full time. He later took a job at a frame shop to learn about framing before moving on to being the Art Handler and Installer for Renaissance Fine Arts, a high-end art gallery in Bethesda, MD. During this time Clark’s talent for installation flourished, hanging original works by Picasso, Degas, Rembrandt, as well as contemporary artists. After two years with the gallery, Clark began his business establishing what is today, Artist’s Eye Installations.

As AEI’s repuation for quality service continues to grow, Clark has maintained a steady art practice. His work is regularly exhibited in shows from DC to New York and hangs in galleries and homes across the nation. For more information about the artwork of Wesley Clark, please visit